Currency Detection 
at your fingertips.

AI technology that detects the currency of the note submitted.
Currently detects USD, Euro, GBP, and Chinese Renminbi.

Our Project


Our currency detector was created in order to help banks facilitate the exchange of different currencies in an automatic fashion.  






British Pound


Chinese Renminbi

The Purpose Of Our Model

Automating the Currency Exchange Process

Through our AI model, we are able to eliminate currency exchange centers in favor of machines that are more efficient than human operated processes.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Foreigners do not have to worry about communication when they are exchanging their bills in a new country. 

Our Team

Axel A. Mora

Student at Amador Valley High School 

Axel is passionate about creating technology that unleashes user potential. As Project Manager he contributed to the model integration and back-end development.

Miha Bhaskaran

Student at the American High School

Through the process of making this project, Miha learned the steps to make an efficient object detection model using YOLOv3. She contributed to this project by labeling data, tweaking the model training code, and building the front-end. 

Pranav Gupta

Student at Harker School

Pranav enjoyed learning about neural networks and how the hidden layer worked in relation to the whole neural net model. He  contributed by working on the YOLO conversion for the images.

Sameer Nayyar

Student at Loyola High School

At AI Camp, Sameer learned about backpropagation and gradient descent. Sameer also coded the script to retrieve data from Bing, the script to download data from Labelbox, the script to evaluate the model, and the back-end of this website.

Brandon Ang

Student at Wilcox High School

At AI Camp, Brandon learned all about the different types of neural networks. He contributed to this project by sourcing, cleaning, and labeling the training data using Labelbox. 

Catrin Tran

Student at Valley Christian High School 

Catrin likes learning more about AI and coding. She helped to collect and label data for the project and worked on the front end of the website.

Dr. Michael Ke Zhang

Chief Instructor

Michael is one of our instructors. Previously he ran data teams at Blend Labs and Grab. He's also a founder and EIR at Fusion Fund. He enjoys teaching and inspiring the next generation of students. He graduated from Caltech with a BS and Stanford with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics.

Richard Hsu


Richard is one of our instructors. Previously, he led software engineering teams at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. He is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate with a BS in Electrical Computer Engineering and a MS in Software Management.

Our Project

Sample pictures of what our model can do

US Dollar


British Pound

Chinese Renminbi


AI Camp

AI Camp is the basis of this product. Without this camp this product wouldn't exist! With the help of us campers and our instructors, in just 3 weeks we came up with, prepared, and created an AI product in which we are presenting to you! 


Labelbox is a data training platform that allowed us to label thousands of pictures of various currencies. We were able to create and assign different objects to each of the currencies. 


YOLO is an object detection system which uses a set algorithm to detect objects and identify what they are. It was preferred over a convolutional neural network model because this system looks at the whole image at test time so its predictions are informed by global context in the image, making it much faster.